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Corporate Incentive and GPR Programs

Our GPR (General Purpose Reloadable) programs allow organizations and cardholders instant access to their funds from ATMs and stores where Debit MasterCard is accepted. The program creates a user friendly environment, that gives the cardholders and administrators the ease and convenience of 24/7 access to their account in a secure, real-time environment. It removes the hassles, costs, and inconvenieces that go along with having to write checks.

Card pricing, features, functions, and terms and conditions are available anytime online for cardholders, along with how to use their new card and how to avoid fees.

private label

Step 1

Card is sent to individual to receive funds


Step 2

Organization loads value to virtual account


Step 3

Funds available immediately to cardholders


Step 4

Real-time reporting for card activity

GPR Private Label Program Features

  • New Account Processing (browser or bulk loading, optional bureau interface)
  • Credit Card Issuing, Reissuing, Card Replacement (optional HSM interface)
  • Transaction Processing (purchases and payments)
  • Accounts Receivable Billing (revolving and non-revolving)
  • Installment Loans for Major Purchases
  • Flexible Reward And Loyalty Program Management
  • Merchant Account Management
  • Transaction Processing and Settlement
  • Private Label for Consumer, Fleet and Commercial Card Schemes
  • Disputes and Chargebacks
  • Predefined and User-defined Queues
  • Champion/Challenger Recovery Strategies
  • Case Management (automatic case presentment and case search facility)
  • Collections Automation (letters, optional dialer interface, third party collectors)
private label

Design your own card!

Rapid Financial Solutions provides instant fault-tolerance, scalability, and ease of use. The RFS private label solution is a solid tool to for managing or starting your card portfolio.
Establishing a private label program only requires configuration of the various parameters and components to support the programs and products being offered. RFS interfaces with industry standard third party programs.
RFS provides issuers and processors with the most advanced and feature rich solution for issuing and managing your private label card portfolio.
The RFS solutions feature easy-to-use parameter driven controls that provide the ability to set up any number or type of programs to manage transactions and accounts. The private label solution can help issuers and processors realize fast and measurable ROI, adapt rapidly to evolving market dynamics and product offerings, and attract and retain lucrative programs.

Stop Writing Checks!

Our card and account programs are a proven method in saving time and money.

  • Features

    • Cards Can be Loaded Right in Your Office
    • Able to Reverse Funds on Cards
    • 24/7 Online Tracking of Cards
    • Online Monitoring of All Transactions
    • Eliminates Check Writing
    • Eliminates Trips to the Bank
    • Eliminates Lost or Stolen Cards
    • Unlimited Debit Card Loads
  • Benefits

    • Able to Track Spending on All Cards
    • 24/7 Access to All Card Account Information
    • Protects Your Financial Information
    • Saves You Time and Money
    • Instant Access to Funds
    • Lost Cards Can be Easily Replaced
    • Able to Load or Reverse Funds 24/7
    • Eliminates Trips to Bank and Post Office

Save time and money by starting your program today!

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