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Merchant Services

The RFS acquiring platform is designed to allow your company to start accepting credit and debit card payments for your goods and services. You will broaden your client base by increasing the number of cardholders and expanding business volume. As a reulst you will improve customer service by providing customers with a convenient payment method and cutting time involved in payment processing.

Online Payments

Online retail is a fast-growing segment of the market. Paying online by bank card is the easiest and most convenient way to pay for online purchases. Using RFS's acquiring service, online stores have financial guarantees and get immediate credit to their accounts, while buyers can pay directly for their purchases with Visa International or MasterCard Worldwide, without having to visit a bank office to make a transfer.

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The RFS Platform is Tailored to Our Clients

Giving consumers and merchants instant feedback on purchases.


We pride ourselves on our can-do attitude and an ability to create tailored solutions, that demonstrates our flexibility and commitment to service. Our team of professional and solution minded staff make the difference that our customers appreciate.

Our staff is ready to consult on this service at any time and discuss every aspect of adding and maintaining this online payment service.

Start accepting payments today!

It’s amazing what happens when you make purchasing fast, easy and safe for your customers. Offering a premium payment experience encourages them to purchase the first time and to come back and purchase again.

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