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Payment Processing

The RFS payment processing engine is designed to help your company process a variety of digital transactions including: Direct Deposit, Payroll Cards, Prepaid Debit Cards, Wire Transfers, Mobile Payments, Structured Payments, and E-Checks. We put no limitations on how you choose to move your funds.

Superior Level of Payment Control

When it comes to prepaid debit cards, as the processor, we control if the cards are PIN based, signature based, or both. Your cards will work on the Pulse and Maestro Networks, as well as everywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Should you decide to use prepaid debit cards as one of your forms of disbursement, we can help you decide on open-loop or closed-loop programs depending on your circumstances.

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Payments in Real-Time

Giving consumers and merchants instant feedback on purchases.


Everything on the RFS technology platform is done in real time. When transactions are requested by a cardholder, our system will verify the PIN (on ATM or POS transactions), verify that the card has not expired, verify that the card remains active, and verify that sufficient balances remain to authorize the transaction.

The transaction is then routed through our card management system and the Interchange Network and settled accordingly. Having the program management tools and the processing engine linked together provides our client partners with piece of mind that their payment network transactions are securely logged and expertly tracked.

Payment Support. Everywhere and Anytime.

RFS provides four types of services to financial institutions in the RFS network:

Full-service Processing

Card authorization and electronic funds transfer (EFT) switching performed by RAPID.

Authorization Processing

EFT switching performed by RAPID; card authorization performed by the financial institution.

Co-op Processing

Provides EFT switching and authorizes the cards. Final balance authorization is performed by the institution.

Intercept Processing

The institution drives its own ATMs and authorizes its own cards. RAPID provides network switching.

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