Rapid is always looking for new ways to help its clients expand their reach to their customers. Weather you need to pay workers, receive payments, or set-up your own online virtual payment portal, Rapid is here to help you succeed. Don’t let worker payment complications stall your expansion efforts. Scale your operations quickly and efficiently with Rapid’s global payment infrastructure.


Rapid Financial Solutions’ PCI- and EMV- compliant Digital Issuance solution, will support cloud-based issuance, tokenization and Host Card Emulation (HCE) functionality. As industry security requirements and programs become available, Rapid will leverage its approved Digital Issuance TSM infrastructure to build fully compliant cloud issuance services. By adding cloud functionality, Rapid becomes a complete digital issuance solution to the cloud or secure element with a platform to extend digitalized cards into applications consumers already know and trust.


Identifying ways to streamline your operations by improving the way you make and/or receive payments is our specialty. By discussing and analyzing your unique payment needs we can provide tailored solutions that include the features you value most. Whether consulting on an standard open-loop solution or a more specialized closed-loop solution, we pride ourselves on being flexible and helping our customers develop creative payment solutions.


Bring your ideas for unique card solution and let us show you how easy it can be to integrate your ideas with our processing capabilities. Furthermore we can help you identify the most attractive market segments, effective promotional campaigns and profitable business structure to help ensure your card program is a success.


Through the collection of customer and member data, Rapid Financial Solutions will identify patterns that can help your company improve services, optimize resources, and enhance marketing campaigns. Utilizing clustering, classification and regression analysis we can help your business significantly improve its bottom line and customer satisfaction. Let Rapid Financial Solution help you find key data relationships that can improve your company’s performance.

Stop Writing Checks!

Our card and account programs are a proven method in saving time and money.


Cards Can be Loaded Right in Your Office

Able to Reverse Funds on Cards

24/7 Online Tracking of Cards

Online Monitoring of All Transactions

Eliminates Check Writing

Eliminates Trips to the Bank

Eliminates Lost or Stolen Cards

Unlimited Debit Card Loads


Able to Track Spending on All Cards

24/7 Access to All Card Account Information

Protects Your Financial Information

Saves You Time and Money

Instant Access to Funds

Lost Cards Can be Easily Replaced

Able to Load or Reverse Funds 24/7

Eliminates Trips to Bank and Post Office

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