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FinTech & Software Development

Inside our developer portal, you’ll find all the resources necessary to start integrating with our payout platform. Our user-friendly APIs make it easy for you to incorporate secure, flexible payment capabilities into your existing applications.
Once integrated we provide access to the following:



API Logs

API Credentials



Your Payment Network, Built Your Way

As a developer, you have enough on your hands creating, maintaining, and growing innovative ideas within your company. Cut yourself some slack with an easy payout API integration option from Rapid.

Rapid’s payout APIs and developer portal take the complexity out of product integration by providing you with all the tools you need to access our powerful payout platform. Even though we have years of building complex payment networks on our platform for various industry leaders, we know not all payment networks are the same nor should be the same. When we say “if you can think it, we can build it” we mean it.

All The Tools You’ll Need

Technology development and financial innovation are our passions. We take your needs seriously, and are willing to do whatever it takes to build your payment network specifically to meet your individualized needs. In this way, Rapid serves quietly as your hidden technology partner working behind the scenes to intelligently engineer a payment network that helps you stand out in your particular market or industry, allowing you to build and promote your own brand, not ours. When your payment network is finished, it will be your network, built your way.

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