Prepaid Card Programs

Prepaid Card Programs

Prepaid Debit Cards are one of the fastest growing segment in payment solutions. It is a must have for government, financial institutions, and private enterprises looking to provide products and services to the under served and unbanked in their markets.
Whether you’re looking to reach the unbanked or under served markets in your community, or you want an alternative product to offer an individual who does not qualify for a credit or debit card — the Prepaid Debit Card serves multiple needs.

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Expect Everything

Our company is built around a “user-driven input model”, in which we listen much more than we talk. Then we “prove up” the concept, with our technology and the requested functionality systematically and strategically rolled out based on input from those who have daily interaction with the system.

Easy for Financial Institutions & Companies

We have created a turnkey prepaid debit card program that a company can implement quickly and administer with low risk, low overhead and no additional infrastructure. Our program provides the BIN, network reporting, and back-office settlement.

Convenient and Easy for Consumers

Our reloadable prepaid debit cards can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted and at most ATMs worldwide. Buyers can load a prepaid debit card with any dollar amount and have unlimited reloads.

A Turnkey Program at its Best

Your prepaid debit card program can be up and running within one business day. Our superior customer service model, hands on training and on-going support provide you a prepaid program that is operationally efficient with low overhead and no additional infrastructure.

Financial Convenience & Stability

When the unbanked or under served interact with your company, you can now provide them a product and service instead of turning them away empty handed.

Convenience & Ease For All

Prepaid Debit Card holders have access to customer service support 24×7 through a user friendly website, IVR or live agents. Cardholders can check their balance, transaction history, change their PIN, report lost or stolen cards, and settle disputes all from the convenience of their home or mobile device.

As the demand for prepaid cards continues to grow, your company will want to stay on the forefront. Keep your existing account holders satisfied and prevent them from going to your competition. Reloadable Prepaid Debit Cards will provide your company the right tools to provide financial freedom and security to your clients.