Program Management

Rapid Program Management

As your Program Manager, Rapid Financial Solutions can help your company come up with financial programs that create efficient, cost effective methods of electronically transmitting money. In essence, we provide you a suite of money management tools specific to your needs.

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Rapid Card Program Management

Designed for the rigors of commercial card processing.

Web portal for admin management

Templates can be set up at each level of the business hierarchy to assist you in setting up the system for the first time.

Real-time funding and defunding

Loads and reversals are processed in real-time and impacted balances and interest are recalculated automatically.

Account maintenance and BIN management

Authorization decision controls are coded in the system that defines the rules and response codes to be used in your portfolios.

Real-time transaction monitoring

Real-time or future-dated changes are fully tracked in audit trail logs.

Fraud and Compliance Management

Security feature enables point-and-click definition of system and account level access by user and user group levels.

Superior Level of Payment Control

Once your program is created, we submit the program to the sponsor bank for approval while simultaneously building your payment network. After program approval by the bank, we deliver a web based private labeled version of our program management software to your executive team. We then manage the daily operation of the program between you and the bank.

Should the need for modifications or fixes arise, since we’re the program manager and payment processor, we can execute quickly, typically in less time than most larger processors take to determine a completion date.