Group Fundraising Financial Solution 

Register your volunteer fundraising participants and pay them electronically using Raizin.Money. It is an easy and reliable way to manage fundraising payments to participants. It also takes care of the state and federal tax reporting. So besides making your volunteers happy , your finance office will be happy all year long. From small groups to large Non-Profit organizations, Razin.Money processes and sends millions each year in payments, so you can spend more time running your organization and focusing on what is most important.

Pay Your volunteers Instantly and Securely

From small groups to large Non-Profit organizations, Razin.Money is the hassle-free way to pay everyone accurately and on time.


Direct Payments

  • Avoid the time, hassle and cost of issuing paper checks and buying postage
  • Give recipients access to payment information on their mobile devices
  • Integrate directly with your fundraising software

Tax Reporting Services

  • Preparation & Distribution of 1099’s is handled by Rapid on your behalf and in your name.
  • Payment inquiries are handled by Razin.Money.
  •  Razin.Money collects all event worker W-9s and issues all 1099s
  •  Razin.Money keeps you in compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations.

Prepaid Cards

  • Make funds available to volunteers immediately throughout the fundraising campaign events.
  • Recipients can choose to have funds automatically sent to their bank account or placed on a prepaid card.
  • The card option is convenient if recipients don’t have a bank account or if they want to keep these payments separate.
  • Even if funds go to the card, participants can still choose to move those funds to their personal bank account.