Secure, real-time access to services and facilities with a single card

Rapid Financial Solutions continues to evolve its platform-as-a-service to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. Our smart, connected commerce solutions blend existing payments technology with ready access to the places where consumers work and play — all in a single, multi-function digital experience.

Rapid Financial Solutions - smart connected commerce - access
  • Work site

  • Parking

  • Transportation

  • Library

  • School

  • Entertainment

  • Facility

  • Locker

  • Gym

  • Hotel

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Frictionless access

By embedding access into our smart, connected commerce platform, your organization can connect consumers to designated areas. Robust analytics help you better understand in real-time how facilities, transit, and other property are being used, helping your organization better allocate resources.

With the tap of a card or mobile app, users can gain access to places like:

  • Work sites

  • Public transit

  • Parking

  • Hotels

  • Home

  • Schools

  • Libraries

  • Entertainment and events

  • Gyms and recreation

  • VIP areas

  • Locks and passcodes

  • Secure locations


The possibilities are endless

The ways in which you can connect users with access to places and services are only limited to your imagination. Below are a few examples of how we help organizations seamlessly connect access, payments, and identification.

Access to a new future

A participant is released from jail and issued a pre-paid debit card that can also be accessed via a mobile app with funds from their commissary account. With a single, multi-function card, the new parolee can also access public transportation and medical services. An added bonus is the government-issued ID functionality that is embedded into the card, making it easy for them to reintegrate into society.

Access to everything students need (and want)

With a single, multi-function card, a student can move about campus with ease. They can make purchases in cafeterias and dining halls. They have easy access to lockers, gym facilities, and dormitories. And they don’t have the hassle of carry a separate student ID to get into events.

Ready to get started?

Rapid is leading the charge in smart, connected commerce. Learn how we can help your organization go beyond payments and provide consumers with ready access to the places they work and play. Connect with one of our experts to learn more!