Secure, intelligent identity

Rapid Financial Solutions continues to evolve its platform-as-a-service to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. Our smart, connected commerce solutions blend existing payments technology with safe, secure identification — all in a single, multi-function digital experience.

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  • Memberships

  • Government/State ID

  • Work or school ID

  • Library card

  • Health insurance ID

  • Association ID

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Embedded identity — one card or app does it all

Every two seconds, a person’s identity is stolen — that’s one in 15 people annually! Furthermore, identity theft doesn’t just harm consumers. The ripple effect also extends to businesses and organizations whose private data can be stolen.

Better identity governance can not only improve your operations, but real-time analytics help your organization discover potential risks, as well as opportunities to optimize security. By embedding digital identity technology into our smart, connected commerce platform, your organization can better control IDs and gain visibility across a multitude of services, including:

  • Social services

  • Medical services

  • Work release programs

  • Parolee ID

  • Company ID

  • Public utilities

  • State-issued ID

  • Association ID

  • Memberships

  • School ID

  • Background checks

  • Meal plans

  • Voter registration


The possibilities are endless

There are ample ways in which you can embed intelligent identity into your card. Below are a few examples of how we help organizations seamlessly connect identification, payments, and access.

Smart IDs for an athletic association

In addition to paying its staff and referees, an athletic association issues cards to teachers, parents, and administrators. Everyone has easy access to sporting events with a physical card, or through a mobile app. Membership information, background check info, and more can all be found in one place.

Athletes have easy access to secure locations, including locker rooms, and can use their cards as a meal ticket.

An ID for a fresh start

A participant is released from jail and issued a pre-paid debit card with the funds from their commissary account. A government-issued ID is embedded into the card, making it easy for them to reintegrate into society and lessening the number of cards they need to carry.

As an added bonus, with the multi-function card, the new parolee can also access public transportation and medical services.

Ready to get started?

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