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General purpose pay disbursement solution for organizations large and small

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General purpose pay disbursement solution for organizations large and small

What is MintCheetah™?

MintCheetah is the easy and reliable way to electronically manage payment disbursements — from the small and niche, to the large and complex. Administer uncategorized payments such as media, rebates, corporate incentives, GPR payouts, and more.

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With MintCheetah you can:

  • Curtail unclaimed property and escheatment incidents
  • Eliminate lost or stolen checks
  • Reduce check fraud risk
  • Reduce bank account reconciliation time
  • Increase efficiency through contactless technology
  • Offer unbanked consumers instant convenience and security — cardholder funds are safe and secure in an FDIC-insured account
  • Provide peace of mind — if a card is lost or misplaced, the cardholder can immediately turn off the card in their mobile app, and reactivate when a replacement card is received
  • Offer a feature-rich, modern banking solution for unbanked consumers — deposit checks, receive employer direct deposits, make transfers, load cash, pay online bills, use ATMs, track account balances, and more
  • Reduce cash handling on site
  • Slash disbursement costs
  • Integrate directly with accounting and financial systems
  • Integrate directly with benefit/incentive software
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Pay clients and beneficiaries instantly and securely

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  • Make funds available to beneficiaries immediately after being paid
  • Avoid the time, hassle and cost of issuing paper checks and buying postage
  • Provide beneficiaries access to payment info on mobile devices
  • Beneficiaries have multiple ways to spend their money, with no fees
  • Card option is convenient if beneficiaries don’t have a bank account or if they want to keep payments separate
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  • ACH
  • Direct deposit
  • Bank transfer
  • Gift card
  • PayPal
  • Pre-paid card (physical or virtual)
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Paper checks versus electronic payments: the differences are clear


organizations who have converted to electronic payments as a way to increase efficiency

Source: 2018 AFP Payments Cost Benchmarking Survey


organizations that have experienced check fraud

Source: 2020 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey Report


the average cost to issue a paper check — implementing electronic payments can save up to 93% in costs annually

Source: Aberdeen Group

Cost Comparison
500 checks per month

  Paper Checks
$7.78 per check
Electronic Payments
Nominal fee
Daily $130.00 $8.16
Monthly $3,890.00 $245.00
Annual $46,680.00 $2,940.00
Savings   176.3%

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