Mobile engagement platform
for courts and justice systems


Mobile engagement platform
for courts and justice systems

What is rapidENGAGE™?

Regardless of jurisdiction — municipal, county, state, or federal — one challenge your court likely faces is constituent engagement. With rapidENGAGE, your court can communicate and engage more effectively with constituents on their favorite platform — their mobile phones.

rapidENGAGE mobile app for courts

With rapidENGAGE, your court can:

  • Ensure important information is communicated to all stakeholders on time, the same way every time
  • Provide juror info — instructions, dress code, FAQs, photos, videos and more
  • Communicate scheduling updates, weather delays and more with real-time push notifications, texts and emails
  • Help visitors find their way around the court with real-time locations, pins, GPS mapping, tours, illustrative maps, even augmented reality
  • Offer dynamic in-app scheduling — calendar, personal itineraries, selected filters, reminders, event views and more
  • Display important information, content, and documents via pages, photos and images, video, audio and more
  • Gather constituent feedback with surveys and forms

The better way to build and manage mobile apps

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Change is constant, especially when it comes to mobile app technology.
rapidENGAGE gets your app into constituent’s hands fast, then empowers you to easily manage and
constantly iterate your apps.

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Mobile apps are often a significant
investment involving considerable cost,
prolonged development timelines, and
the use of highly technical resources.

We’ve tooled rapidENGAGE to include
everything you’ll need to be successful
from day one.

  • Create a customized experience reflecting your organization’s brand and objectives
  • Choose from a library of 50+ advanced features and functions to engage constituents
  • Native iOS and Android functionality
  • Optional best-in-class third-party plugins available to take your mobile presence to the next level
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Software is never really “done.” If your app is built from scratch, or built using
a mediocre system, adding a new button or feature can be a real pain (and very expensive).

rapidENGAGE’s patented MobileSync™ technology eliminates the need for a
team of pricey developers each time your app requires an update.

Content, app configuration and feature changes are applied in seconds via a
two-way sync between your admin portal and user devices. No need to re-submit your app to the App Store or
Google Play!

Go from zero to awesome in weeks, not months or years

The rapidENGAGE no-code app platform allows you to pick and choose the functionality your court needs from over 50 ready-to-launch features. Your custom app can be up and running in weeks, not months or years.

rapidENGAGE mobile app for courts and justice systems
rapidENGAGE mobile app for courts and justice systems

Ready-to-launch features and functions

Content pages Search
Headers Image gallery
Menus/content lists Videos, images, audio
Favorites YouTube
URLs/web content Streaming audio player
Push notifications In-app email and calls
User topic subscription User information gather
Message inbox Intelligent ratings prompt
Forms Countdown timer
Navigation and slider logo Primary and secondary colors
Brand graphics and imagery Background imagery
Splash page App icon
Mobile web landing page Startup tutorial sliders
Banner Interstitial
Analytics Click and impression
URL links
Tiled menus Interstitial
Banner Slider
Mixed menu Tabs
Map bar Friend finder
Illustrated maps Directions
Illustrated GPD maps Point-to-point tours
Tiled maps Augmented reality
Advanced GPS maps Location categories
Interactive icons and pins Location information
Pin drop Proximity behaviors
Nearest location
Daily tab Detail page
Calendar view Locations
List view Multiple schedules
My schedule Sharing
Event reminders Filter
Sharing Social web URLs
Twitter feed Photo and video links
Photos and video News feeds (RSS)
Social toggles
Scavenger hunt Photo booth
Trivia QR code reader
Weather Live streaming
Contact us for for additional details
Analytics Advertising
Beacons Rich messaging platform
Point-of-sale integration Data management
Live management Monetization

Like what you see?

Learn more about how rapidENGAGE can help your state, county, or municipality communicate and engage with constituents more effectively. Schedule a demo with one of our mobile technology experts.