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Start Accepting Payments

The RFS payment processing engine is designed to help your company process a variety of digital transactions including: Direct Deposit, Payroll Cards, Prepaid Debit Cards, Wire Transfers, Mobile Payments, Structured Payments, and E-Checks. We put no limitations on how you choose to move your funds.

RFS Strives for the Highest Level of Security, Compliance, and Certification.

We here at Rapid Financial Solutions are aware of the need to be continually on top of information security standards and banking regulations to keep our clients and customers personal information safe and secure.

Information Security

The collection of technologies, standards, policies and management practices that are applied to information to keep it secure.

PCI Compliant

The Payment Card Industry sets requirements designed to ensure that companies maintain a secure environment.

SSL Ready

The SSL connection protects sensitive data, such as credit card information, exchanged during each visit.

IT Support

Our IT team is here for you when you need them. They will help get your program up and running.

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