About Us

About Rapid Financial Solutions

Rapid Financial Solutions was established in 2005 as a prepaid card program manager and card processor for the Sport Officiating Industry under the auspice of RefPay.com. In 2008, Rapid sold a controlling interest in RefPay to the NCAA. Since then, Rapid has expanded into additional industries and applications. With expertise in banking, SW development and operations, Rapid works with businesses to provide complete end-to-end payment solutions. From the moment of engagement, your program will be assigned to a team of dedicated prepaid professionals whose goal is ensuring your business objectives are met, your expectations are exceeded and your cardholders are satisfied with their prepaid card product and service.


Rapid focuses on niche industries, complex segmented groups, and large companies.


We can create, build and offer custom networked payment solutions for your company.


We will customize each detail of your organizations payment network to your specific needs/wants.


Streamlined payment processes for payors and recipients are made by leveraging technology that is backed by a full time development team.


Since our beginning, we have recognized that the best benefit we can provide our clients is to have all the tools necessary for their prepaid program in one place. We operate our own proprietary processing platform, customer service center and in-house marketing services. Our vertically integrated business model allows us to adapt and respond to your business needs effectively and in less time than program managers and processors utilizing third-party resources.