Consumer purchasing behaviors are changing. While the connection between purchasing and courts with jury trials is muddy, there are important data from the American Marketing Association‘s latest report that translate over.

“Consumers have started caring about healthy and hygienic packaging and how companies treat their employees.”

  • 26 percent of customers bought more based on how companies care for the safety of their employees.
  • 21 percent based on healthy and hygienic packaging.
  • While only 64 percent of consumers are fearful for their own health, 82 percent are fearful for the health of others.

The majority of society cares about employees and other members of their community. Therefore, as courts open, employee and juror safety is paramount. Juror and employee behaviors have changed with CDC and WHO recommendations. Our touchless disbursement solution keeps your employees and jurors safe. Employees don’t have to come into the office to print checks anymore. Fund recipients (not just jurors) can be paid electronically or given a debit card that is loaded remotely. Not only are electronic disbursements faster, it is more cost efficient and safer for both parties. Checks have fallen out of favor for several reasons but during the pandemic, this switch just makes sense.

Still not convinced how changing consumer behaviors could positively affect your court? With any public change comes an opportunity to modernize and innovate. As courts become more efficient, tax money can be reallocated and time is saved. Elected court officials who implement changes that resonate with community members have a higher likability and greater chance at being reelected. Since the pandemic has started, society has shown that they care about others’ health. Courts have a responsibility to help keep their community safe. It’s time to modernize and update disbursement methods to match changing behaviors.