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Avoid Declines And Card Fees With These Easy Tips


  • Use your card as a payment method in grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, or anywhere that accepts Debit MasterCard®. You can also select the “Cash Back” option to receive cash at no charge.
  • Remove your entire card balance for free by visiting any financial institution that is a MasterCard principal member and asking for a cash advance for the balance on the card.
  • Utilize the free ACH transfer service to send funds from your card to your bank account.
  • Check your balance online or through customer service before using an ATM.
  • If your card is rejected at an ATM, never attempt over and over again. Some ATMs impose a fee even for declined transactions.
  • Pre-Payment of services like fuel dispensed from a “Pay at the Pump” terminal prior to pumping the gas or for services like a hotel room. The payment networks automatically put a hold on a certain amount of the funds available to ensure payment. This hold usually takes several hours to be removed; therefore, the cardholder cannot access his funds until this hold is remove.
  • Some Merchants may authorize your card up to 25% more than the transaction to allow for gratuity, which can cause declined transactions.
  • Update your Temporary PIN before use to verify you have the correct PIN. Do this by calling 877-287-2448.