Let’s be honest, jury payments can be a hassle….

There’s a lot of moving parts to get the process moving, pushed through approval and distributed to your jurors. Not to mention all the unused and replacement checks after.

Truth be told, there’s an easier way. Court Funds cuts through the time-consuming and clutter by providing pre-paid debit cards that are easy to process, paper free and instantly useable.

Court Funds not only makes juror payment administration easier, it also makes your jurors life easier.

Many jurors do not have bank accounts and others breathe a sigh of frustration when they are handed a check at the end of their service.

They have just given a day or even a week of their time and now have to spend more time figuring out a way to cash that check at a bank they don’t have. Still other jurors may lose their check or forget to cash it in time.

With Court Funds, jurors receive:

Access to customer service support 24×7 through a user friendly website, IVR or live agents.

The ability to check their balance, transaction history, change their PIN, report lost or stolen cards and settle disputes all from the convenience of their home or mobile device.

So, lend a helping hand to your fellow duty-oriented Americans. Forget the stone-age system of writing checks and leave behind the time-consuming busy work.

Give your jurors instant access to their funds while creating an efficient, low-cost solution that makes your payment process a matter of minutes instead of days.

Interested in making your job far easier? Learn more about CourtFunds.

With the Court Funds pre-paid debit card solution, jurors will walk out of your doors with their payment ready-to-go while you save your department money and free up time to focus on keeping your judge happy.