Many courts are weighed down by the old-fashioned, time-consuming way of paying juries. CourtFunds’ pre-paid debit card is here to help you trim the time your court spends on distributing paper checks and eliminates the need for writing, mailing, and reconciling checks. This unneeded busy-work keeps you from doing what is really important, keeping your court organized.

We provide you with an easy way to disburse payment on jury payments, alimony payments, restitution, bond reimbursement, and child support in the comfort of your own office. With CourtFunds there is no need for new software or technology. Our program will work on any court software.

“I just yesterday did another pay out but got scared to hit process because it was too easy. I called Michelle at CourtFunds to make sure I was doing it right. She laughed. I am looking at expanding to my SIL payouts which occur monthly and possibly paying my poll workers with the cards…I would gladly let anyone interested know how great the program is working for us.”

Cindy M. – Bedford County, PA

What makes our system so easy?

  1. Cards can be loaded right from your office.
  2. Eliminates check writing
  3. Eliminates trips to the bank
  4. Eliminates lost or stolen cards
  5. No check reconciliation

CourtFunds can handle any and all of your court disbursements and is ready to get your court program operational.