Our newest disbursement option is now available! Fund recipients will now be able to choose Instant Transfer as one of their ways to receive their money. This option allows recipients to push funds to their personal debit or credit cards and use it within ten minutes. Below are the benefits you can expect from this new option.

Court benefits

Cut the time, administration hassle, and errors that are associated with existing disbursement processes. Checks are fraught with risk and costs that are unnecessary in today’s world. By eliminating paper check payments you won’t have to worry or account for lost, damaged, or stolen checks. Funds will go straight to the intended recipient. Also, you won’t have to stay up to date on escheatment laws or processes as we take care of that for you. Check fraud will be a worry of the past when you switch to electronic and touchless disbursements. Lastly, save money on returned checks, postage fees, and other operational expenses by digitizing disbursements. Fund recipients will appreciate your green efforts and immediate fund usage once their account is loaded.

Recipient benefits

With instant transfer you can know that your funds are being securely pushed to your debit or credit card. You can expect to be able to have and use your money within ten minutes of the push request! As long as you have their information, you could also push your received funds to a friend’s or family member’s card information. Also, with digital payments, you won’t have to deal with going to the bank to cash a check. Finally, you can safely and securely push your electronic funds to your personal card in the comfort of your home!

There are two major benefits to push-to-card payments. One is speed – most payments to debit cards are approved in real time and funds reach the recipient in 30 minutes or less, all day, every day . . . The second benefit is that push-to-card payments are super easy to execute; if you have someone’s card number, you can send them money.