Across the country, courts and businesses are slowly opening or reclosing depending on COVID-19 cases. Here’s a list of new policies to consider implementing when your county is safe to open.

  1. Make face masks mandatory or strongly encourage their use.
  2. Enforce social distancing of 6 feet.
  3. Make hand sanitizer available and encourage its use.
  4. Improve hand washing stations in bathrooms and kitchens by having ample hand soap.
  5. Inspect and improve ventilation systems by improving outdoor air circulation and maintaining a clean ventilation system.
  6. Install plastic shields and barriers to slow the travel of water droplets in the air.
  7. Conduct daily health checks of employees.
  8. Stagger shifts if possible so people aren’t arriving or leaving at the same times.
  9. Clean and disinfect surfaces regularly.
  10. Clearly display easy-to-follow policies.
  11. Make adjustments when needed to ensure employees feel safer and less stressed during the transition.

However, if your employees are still working remotely, we have some tips to minimize the monotony of the workweek to keep productivity high and burnout low.

  1. Add scenery variety to your day. Move where your “office” is if possible and get some outdoor time.
  2. Find ways to socialize one on one. Diversify how you socialize too so it isn’t always a Zoom call.
  3. Start or keep up a worthwhile hobby that keeps your mind engaged and interested.

Finally, now is a great time to look at current workflows and policies that are in place. Do they still make sense? What new technologies or solutions would help save time and money? Our last suggestion for new policies to implement is to consider CourtFunds. Your county can save a lot of money and risk by eliminating checks. Employees can safely work remotely or in office and still pay disbursements. Our touchless solution allows for safe disbursements that help keep everyone healthy.