Q: Jean what has CourtFunds meant to the Crisp County Court since you starting using it for disbursements?

Jean: CourtFunds has been a huge asset for our office. It has streamlined our entire disbursement process.

Q: What has CourtFunds done for your office employees on a daily basis?

Jean: It has saved so much time for our employees here. We no longer have to worry about writing or printing checks and then having to stuff and mail all of them.

Q: How was the experience in getting started with CourtFunds?

Jean: Oh they were great to work with. Any questions or issues that we had when we were getting started were handled immediately.

Q: What has CourtFunds done for your reconciliation process?

Jean: Just in the time we now save not having to reconcile or balance checking accounts has been a great benefit to us. Our accounts are immediately reconciled when the payments are made.

Q: What would you tell a court, or another court clerk, that was looking into CourtFunds?

Jean: The amount of time CourtFunds has saved our employees has been a great asset to us and we are able to perform our jobs better because of it. It has really been a win-win for our court here in Crisp County.