Electronic payments: saving you time and money

Electronic payments are becoming more possible and popular as technology advances. In this digital world, anyone receiving payments prefer to receive it electronically. This offers recipients the freedom to move and control with their funds on mobile devices and online. Moreover, 94% of people surveyed prefer a Push-to-Card or ACH disbursement instead of a paper ...

2021-10-12T10:11:38-06:00May 27, 2020|CourtFunds, Electronic Payments|

Stay productive when working at home

Working from home, and being productive, looks different for everyone. Some relish in being able to work from home, and others dread it. Not having a dedicated workspace, having lax boundaries and schedules, as well as feeling isolated from coworkers are the biggest contributors to low productivity levels. The first step to being productive is ...

2022-05-06T11:09:46-06:00April 15, 2020|CourtFunds|
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