It isn’t as scary as it sounds to modernize your court. Or in our experience it doesn’t have to be. Right now, 76 percent of civil cases had at least one side missing a lawyer in 2013. Many individuals have to navigate the legal system without assistance, sort through confusing forms, procedures, and rules, and may end up representing themselves in court. There are a lot of no shows after being summoned because they are either unaware of the lawsuit, feel little hope of success, cannot leave work to go to court, or do not have transportation. Another common issues is the delay in rulings. This can be costly to everyone involved whether the case involves citizens or businesses.

Possible solutions to modernize

  1. Provide free (pro bono) legal services and/or increase funding for legal aid. While this will help, it will never be enough to meet demands.
  2. Create legal information portals. Residents of Illinois, Michigan, and most of New England can go online, submit information, and find relevant resources tailored to their legal problems. This web-based tool should use clear and simple language so citizens can diagnose and troubleshoot on their own.
  3. Move simple disputes online. Courts in Utah and 15 other states have moved the court process entirely online. People will learn about their legal rights, provide materials and evidence, complete required procedural steps, use negotiation and mediation tools, and obtain court-enforced resolution throughout each laid out step. See this blog post for more information about virtual courts.

What can be done now

These solutions can be daunting and costly. So what can you do now while waiting to implement these large changes? CourtFunds will bring your court to the forefront of digital innovation and modernize manual outgoing payments without installing additional software. Your court will operate with frictionless disbursements after seamlessly integrating CourtFunds. Many of our clients win the Court Innovation of the Year award. Our sales representatives will walk you step by step and check in periodically in the future.

“The idea of converting from checks to a debit card system seemed a bit overwhelming and maybe just not worth the trouble. We couldn’t have been more wrong. A short demonstration, a few signatures, and a small amount of banking information later, we were all set up. CourtFunds literally held our hands during the entire brief process. The jurors are happy, and we’re happy. It’s a win-win!

If we had any doubts about our conversion, those doubts took flight the next week. Our checking account fell victim to fraudulent checks totaling thousands of dollars masterminded by a juror who had received a paper check from us prior to switching to CourtFunds! This wasn’t the first time we had dealt with this, but thankfully, with CourtFunds handling all transactions from now on, we won’t have to deal with it ever again.

All in all, we have been beyond satisfied with the setup, the process, and the service. If you are considering switching to CourtFunds, take the plunge! We’re glad we did.”

— Clerk of Superior Court, Clayton County, GA