One of CourtFunds’ popular disbursement solutions is a jury pay card. Even though cards are frequently distributed, juror funds can be transferred or accessed in different ways! None of these options incur additional fees to access. Because of this, they will receive 100% of their funds regardless of their preferred disbursement option.

  • Use the card as is
  • Transfer funds to their bank or PayPal account
  • Cash out the card at a bank
  • Request a paper check
  • Transfer to a merchant gift card
  • Donate to the charity of their choice

We implemented the Jury Pay Card system in January of 2020, and we have had such a positive response from our Jurors! To date we have loaded almost 800 juror payments electronically saving our court time, money and resources that we have dedicated elsewhere.

The jurors love the fact that they receive their card the first day of service and the funds are loaded Friday by 5pm of same week. You can choose when to load their funds however we do it on Fridays. No waiting on a check, which in our case, took up to 2 weeks, maybe more depending on where the Finance Department was on their check runs. Any issues that have come up have been on our end very early on.

What has made this so easy for us is Ben Martin and his staff. Ben always responds immediately to any and all questions, without fail.
This has been a LIFESAVER for the process of getting our jurors paid and saving the Taxpayers of Horry County money!

Lara C. Robinson | Juror Coordinator Horry County Government Clerk of Court

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