How much does check fraud cost your court? The results may surprise you!

According to the University of Denver’s report, “Quality Judges Initiative FAQ – Judges in the United States,” there are approximately 30,000 state court judges that deal with the 100 million state court cases that are filed annually. At the federal level, approximately 1,700 judges handle the 400,000 federal court cases filed each year. Regardless of ...

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Check fraud problems and solutions

Fraud is potential risk faced by just about everyone in the United States, including individuals, corporations, court systems, governments, nonprofits, and more. At its worst, fraud can cause these people and organizations to potentially lose all of their money — and, in some cases, these funds might never be recovered. One of the most common ...

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Clayton County’s Testimonial: Switch to CourtFunds!

CourtFunds' sales representatives are here to guide you through every step from inquiry to your “go live” date and beyond. We have streamlined the process to be as easy as possible for you and your payee. Should you ever run into any problems or have further questions, our 24/7 support team is here for you ...

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