CourtFunds’ sales representatives are here to guide you through every step from inquiry to your “go live” date and beyond. We have streamlined the process to be as easy as possible for you and your payee. Should you ever run into any problems or have further questions, our 24/7 support team is here for you and the payee. Check fraud results in tens of billions of dollars lost annually, so we are here to eliminate that from happening! Rapid Financial Solutions, which runs CourtFunds, has processed over $1.5 billion in payments by servicing over 1,000 governments and municipalities. Take the plunge like Clayton County, Georgia did to join our family. We promise you won’t regret it.

Talk about in the nick of time!

We had casually discussed several times over the years using debit cards in which to compensate those serving on jury duty. The idea of converting from checks to a debit card system seemed a bit overwhelming and maybe just not worth the trouble. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

A short demonstration, a few signatures and a small amount of banking information later, we were all set up. CourtFunds literally held our hands during the entire brief process. We thought, “Surely it can’t be that easy!” We were wrong.

Ben Martin was there on our “go live” date and it went better than expected. The jurors were happy, we were happy. It was a win-win! If we had any doubts about our conversion, those doubts took flight the next week. Our checking account fell victim to fraudulent checks totaling thousands of dollars masterminded by a juror who had received a paper check from us prior to switching to CourtFunds! This wasn’t the first time we had dealt with this, but thankfully, with CourtFunds handling all transactions from now on, we won’t have to deal with this ever again.

All-in-all, we have been beyond satisfied with the set-up, the process and the service. If you are considering switching to CourtFunds, take the plunge! We’re glad we did.

Clerk of Superior Court
Clayton County, Georgia