Reduce the hassle of payment disbursements

Managing the day-to-day function of government has lots of moving parts, especially when it comes to administration, accounting, and one-time disbursements. And two of the biggest headaches that can throw a wrench into any operation? Paper checks and unclaimed property.

Issuing checks for payment comes with a lengthy list of challenges, including:

  • Reconciling uncashed checks

  • Work release and parolee administration

  • Juror administration and payments

  • Restitution, bond, and child support payments

  • Unclaimed property and escheatment

  • Check fraud

  • The high cost of issuing paper checks

  • Cash handling security issues

  • Stop payment fees for lost/stolen checks

  • Operational inefficiency

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Rethink payment disbursements

We love helping states, counties, and municipalities tackle their toughest payment challenges — and save money! Click on a solution below to learn more.

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Accept credit card payments from anyone

As a payment facilitator, or payfac, for over 300 organizations, Rapid can take care of all of your merchant service needs. Accept credit card payments from anyone — from vendors, to businesses, to individuals. We have the tools and expertise to help you streamline the flow of money.

Smart, connected commerce for governments

Rapid’s solutions for government and municipalities have everything you need, from managing automated disbursements and one-time disbursements, to paying jurors, restitution recipients, and more.

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From municipal and county, to state and federal courts, CourtFunds is the contactless way to pay everyone accurately and on time, no matter what part of the transaction they play a part in — jury payments, restitution, child support, bond, witnesses, and more.

From county jails and state prisons, to halfway houses and State Departments of Corrections, ReleasePay is the hassle-free way to pay inmates and parolees accurately and on time.

Currencie is a Disbursement as a Service (DaaS) platform. Make payments, both individually and en mass, via an electronic payment platform. Recipients of funds can access money online through a variety of claim options, including bank transfers, PayPal, check, charity, gift card, or pre-paid card.

Rapid continues to evolve its platform-as-a-service to continue meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers. Our smart, connected commerce solutions blend payments, access, and identity into a single, multi-function digital experience.

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Disbursement solutions for every situation

Jury Payments • Witness Fees • Inmate Transfer & Release • Restitution • Child Support • Bond Payments • Poll Workers

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CourtFunds is such a great product that we were so excited to finally have a jury trial so we could try out the product! It was such an easy process and experience for us. I plan on telling everyone how smoothly it went to set up and use. I can’t imagine why more counties are not set up with CourtFunds!”

— Cindy L. Joosten, Clerk of Circuit Court, Wood County, WI

We implemented CourtFunds in January of 2020, and we have had such a positive response from our jurors! Jurors love the fact that they receive their card the first day of service and the funds are loaded on Friday by 5:00 P.M. — no waiting on a check, which in our case, took up to two weeks or more, depending on where the Finance Department was on their check runs. CourtFunds has been a LIFESAVER for the process of getting our jurors paid and saving the taxpayers of Horry County money!

— Lara C. Robinson, Juror Coordinator, Hoory County, SC

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