What is the true cost of a check?

When your court uses paper checks to handle your Jury disbursements, it is easy to not realize the cost that goes into each and every check. With CourtFunds you can keep your per juror payment cost at $0.49 and add the convenience and ease of a debit card payment system. Now reconciliations will be instantaneous ...

2021-10-12T10:11:38-06:00June 15, 2017|CourtFunds, Electronic Payments|

How can using CourtFunds make your job easier?

Many courts are weighed down by the old-fashioned, time-consuming way of paying juries. CourtFunds’ pre-paid debit card is here to help you trim the time your court spends on distributing paper checks and eliminates the need for writing, mailing, and reconciling checks. This unneeded busy-work keeps you from doing what is really important, keeping your ...

2021-09-14T11:18:49-06:00June 5, 2017|CourtFunds, Electronic Payments|

Get juries paid without the pain

Let’s be honest, jury payments can be a hassle…. There’s a lot of moving parts to get the process moving, pushed through approval and distributed to your jurors. Not to mention all the unused and replacement checks after. Truth be told, there’s an easier way. Court Funds cuts through the time-consuming and clutter by providing ...

2021-09-23T13:52:03-06:00June 5, 2017|CourtFunds, Electronic Payments|
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